University Libraries' Faculty and Staff Recognized for Years of Service

Audrey Sage, Karen Ward, Marilyn Hanichak, Sean Mulligan,
Stacey Krim, Pat Kelly, Kathy Howard, Marcie Burton
Brown Biggers and Michael Reeder
On May 16, faculty and staff were honored at the annual Staff Service Awards presentation for their years of service and dedication to University Libraries. Recipients were presented with a pin and received a monetary gift. 

2017 Staff Service Award Winner: 

  • Sean Mulligan

Five Years: 

  • Erin Lawrimore

10 Years: 

  • Marcie Burton
  • Stacey Krim
  • Marilyn Hanichak
  • Brown Biggers
  • Cheryl Cross

15 Years: 

  • Pat Kelly

20 Years:

  • Michael Reeder
  • Kathy Howard
  • Susan Farr

25 Years: 

  • Edward Waters
  • Karen Ward
  • Audrey Sage
  • Franklin Graves

30 Years: 

  • Paul Hessling