Capital Improvement Project Gets Underway at Jackson Library

University Libraries understands that safe, comfortable and inspiring spaces are pivotal to achieving the best possible experience for our faculty, staff and students. In June, a major replacement project began on three roof levels of Jackson Library, and it is scheduled to last through November. 

Scaffolding has been placed on the perimeter of the building to allow access to the roof, and temporary fencing has been placed around the exterior of the property for safety precautions while the work is completed. Additionally, the loading dock and parking areas behind the building will see heavy traffic throughout the project. 

Capital projects like this one are critical for University Libraries to provide important services, such as faculty research, student classes and community events. For some students, it's the resources available inside the library that are vital, but for others, it's the only place they can have quiet time to study and complete assignments. In order to make these types of services available, a safe and secure building must be provided. The project will cost $1 million dollars and be an investment for University Libraries.  

The project will address worn materials on the roof, as well as safety measures for roof access for maintenance and repairs. Specifically, the project will include retrofit drains, walkpads and overflow scuppers on varying roof levels, the cleaning and painting of existing roof ladders, the installation of new guardrails at roof access locations, the removal, cleaning and re-installation of existing marble copings and a new flashing system, as well as the cleaning, sealing and painting of six existing windows.  

If you are visiting Jackson Library this summer, you may hear construction noise and feel some vibrations throughout the building.