Information Literacy Course Development Workshop and Awards

Information Literacy Course Development Workshop:

The UNCG University Libraries will offer five $1,000 awards for courses to be taught in spring 2018 to support restructuring a course in order to more intentionally integrate information literacy and research. The Libraries will hold a workshop on November 8 at 4 p.m. in the CITI lab in Jackson Library to discuss the awards and give professors the opportunity to workshop their ideas with librarians. To learn more about the award please see the information below and contact Jenny Dale at with questions.

Literacy Course Development Awards:

The UNCG University Libraries will offer five $1,000 awards for courses to be taught in spring 2018 to support restructuring a course in order to more intentionally integrate information literacy and research. This award is open to anyone who teaches a course at the undergraduate or graduate level and has the authority to make substantive changes to that course.

According to UNCG’s Information Literacy Council (2011), to be information literate a person must be able to:
  • Determine what information is needed and why
  • Locate appropriate resources
  • Evaluate, synthesize, and critically analyze information
  • Communicate information ethically and effectively

The purpose of the Information Literacy Course Development Awards is to support instructors in revitalizing courses to foster information literacy skills. These re-envisioned courses will incorporate information literacy throughout the semester, teaching students to locate, evaluate, synthesize, and cite sources in the manner most appropriate for the subject area.

  • Course should incorporate at least 2 information literacy student learning outcomes. Please see this web page for the detailed information literacy outcomes that may be used.
  • Courses may be new or existing courses but may not be experimental.
  • A proposed course design should include assignments that are integrated with a research project. The assignments should be scaffolded throughout the semester and should be developed in consultation with a librarian or archivist partner.
  • Proposals should include a plan to team with a librarian or archivist for at least two class sessions and include other ongoing librarian involvement such as developing new tutorials or incorporating existing ones into coursework, evaluating student work, requiring student/librarian research consultations, adding librarian to course site in Canvas, etc.
  • Proposals should have an information literacy assessment component.
  • After completion of the course, faculty should plan on sharing of course restructuring through a campus or conference presentation or poster.
  • Preference will be given to courses that are required for majors or general education courses.
Selection Criteria
Proposals will be evaluated for:
  • Integration: To what extent will information literacy be integrated?
  • Scalability: Does this class have potential to influence other courses or academic programs?
  • Feasibility: Is the project appropriate for the class level and subject matter? Is it realistic in terms of what can be accomplished?
  • Collaboration: To what extent is the librarian or archivist involved in the course?
  • Optional Course Development Workshop on November 8, 2017 at 4 p.m. in Jackson Library sign up here
  • Applications due November 17, 2017
  • Awards announced by November 28, 2017
The application should include:
  • Applicant’s name, department, and contact information
  • Course name and number
  • A statement of no more than 1000 words that includes the following:
  • Context of the course, including typical student enrollment, how often course is taught, importance of course to the department (is it required, does it have general education markers, etc.)
  • Goals of the project
  • Information literacy outcomes (see link above for examples of existing IL outcomes)
  • Possible assignments or activities that will accomplish the student learning outcomes
  • The librarian’s role as a collaborator in the project
  • Plan for assessing the information literacy outcomes of the course
Please email your application as a PDF to Jenny Dale at

2016-2017 Award Winners

Three teaching faculty were awarded $1,000 each to redesign spring 2017 courses to more intentionally integrate information literacy.   Award recipients and their University Libraries
partners were:
  • Daniel Christen (for Chemistry 355); collaborated with Karen Grigg
  • Liz McNamara (for Honors Seminar 228); collaborated with Lynda Kellam and Beth Ann Koelsch
  • Shana Scudder (for English 305); collaborated with Jenny Dale and Armondo Collins
Faculty recipients of these awards were asked to provide feedback on their experiences redesigning their courses and working with University Libraries Partners. A few feedback selections from faculty have been listed below:

Which aspect of the stipend program did you find most valuable?
  • "Consulting w/ [the librarian] to learn more about how the UNCG library staff can help with
           annotating the literature guides."

  • “Everything about it was valuable; I honestly wish I could just team-teach this course with [the
          librarian] every semester!”

What changes, if any, do you plan to make to other courses based on your work with
the librarian/librarians?
  • “I plan to keep the changes I made to this course for this program, so I will basically teach it
          this way from now on."

What improvements in student learning occurred in your redesigned course?
  • “My students this semester were much more adept at locating and citing scholarly sources.
  • They also learned web design which I think will be an invaluable tool for them in the rest of
          their lives.”

How has your participation in the program changed your teaching?
  • “I learned a lot more about research and citation myself this semester, so that will absolutely
         benefit all of my teaching.”