Vini Kuker Presented with the 2019 Outstanding Student Library Worker Award

Vini Kuker, a student worker in the Harold Schiffman Music Library (HSML), has been honored with the 2019 Outstanding Student Library Worker Award. Kuker has been working at the HSML since 2015. When they are not helping patrons or answering questions at the service desk, Kuker supervises other students and catalogs materials for the HSML.

During the 2019 spring semester, Kuker assisted Sarah Dorsey, associate professor and music librarian, with a musicology research course, which is required of all music majors. In their role, Kuker collected, organized and analyzed data of course pretests and postests to document assessment outcomes.

As part of the course requirements in MUS 135, students learn the basic tools of musicological inquiry, including music vocabulary, reading in the discipline, basic library research and expository writing. Additionally, course content includes cultural awareness and attentive listening to Western and global music.

Kuker graduated in May 2019 from UNCG's School of Education with a master's degree in Library and Information Studies. Additionally, they graduated summa cum laude from UNCG in May 2017 with a bachelor of arts in Music from the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

The award, made possible by generous gifts from David Arneke and UNCG’s University Bookstore, is given annually. As this year's winner, Kuker’s name will be placed on the award plaque on display in Jackson Library, and they will receive $500 cash from Arneke and a $500 gift card from the University Bookstore.