Scholarly Publications and Presentations by University Libraries' Faculty and Staff

Because faculty scholarship and professional activity play such significant roles in the education of UNC Greensboro students and the development of the library profession, the UNCG library faculty and staff are experts in their respective areas of work. Each year, University Libraries’ faculty and staff produce numerous articles that are published in nationally-recognized journals, present at local, national and global conferences and serve as leaders of important professional organizations. This scholarly activity connects the library to the community at large, enabling University Libraries to bring information and attributes from such efforts back to UNCG and enrich the students' educational experience. 

While these scholarly achievements are nothing short of amazing and represent a range of topics from distance education challenges to addressing marginalization issues in diversity, equity and inclusion, University Libraries would like to take this opportunity to share its work with the broader community. The activity presented here was completed between July 1 and October 31, 2020, during the COVID pandemic and includes events that occurred virtually. In 2021, University Libraries will be sharing this information quarterly to highlight these professional accomplishments. 



Jennings, K. N. & Garczynski, J. (2020). Fundraising for academic libraries: A practical guide for librarians. Rowman & Littlefield. 

Book Chapters

Harlow, S. L., & Hill, K. (2020). Facing Distance Education Challenges through Technical and Public Service Collaboration: A Case Study. Technical Services: Adapting to the Changing Environment. Purdue University Press.

Krim, S., Gwynn, D., & Lawrimore, E. (2020). Reconstructing history: Addressing marginalization, absences, and silences in the archives through community and collaboration. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action: Planning, Leadership, and Programming. Chicago:.

Book Reviews

Henry, T. N. (2020). Road Through Midnight: A Civil Rights Memorial [Book Review] (1st ed., vol. 78, pp. 62). North Carolina Library Association (NCLA). 

Stevenson-Parrish, H. D. (2020). Marketing plans in action: A step-by-step guide for libraries, archives, and cultural organizations [Book Review]. Technical Services Quarterly 37(2), 220-221. 

Journal Articles

Craft, A. R. (2020). Remote work in library technical services: Connecting historical perspectives to realities of the developing COVID-19 pandemic. Serials Review, 46(3).

Craft, A. R., & Harlow, S. L. (2020). Scholarly communications training: Professional development for the next generation of scholars. Serials Review, 46(3).

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Cramer, S. M., Garrison, B., & Krstevska, S. (2020). Adding purpose and value to organizational memberships: A case study of Business Librarianship in North Carolina (BLINC). Journal of Business & Finance Librarianship.


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