Access Services Supports Student Success through Positive Affirmations

Librarians, staff and student workers at the University Libraries are full of surprises. Just when you thought you had figured them out, suddenly, you are amazed by their selfless actions and ability to make everyone feel welcome. Could it be they are normal just like us, or are they superheroes without the mask? You decide. 

Coming off the heels of Believe in the G campaign and the positive energy across campus, the Access Services Department decided to launch an affirmation project to make students feel good about themselves and unite them with other Spartans. 

They enlisted the help of student desk workers in the department to write statements that reflected courage, self-care and unity. Then, they placed those statements all around Jackson Library. One such affirmation, “Take a break. It doesn’t hurt to pause, breathe and take care of yourself,” was created by one student worker, as well as 

“Enjoy all the little and simple things in your day-to-day; they are worth more than you think.” 

While other student workers, like Estefania Gonzalez-Reyes, placed the declarations on white boards — including every study room on the fifth floor of the Library Tower! She wanted to make sure students saw these affirmations when they were studying independently or working on group projects in study spaces.  

The project was spearheaded by Access Services Department Head Cathy Griffith, Desk and Employment Services Operations Manager Marilyn Hanichak, Assistant Desk Manager Lois Vinson and many student desk workers in the department. Without their enthusiasm, creativity and imagination, this project would not have been possible.